Monday, January 10, 2022

Muslim Seeking to Prove Islam True Proves His claims are LIES!


On Sunday, January 9, 2022 Islam Defender Yahya, was given an opportunity to prove Islam is true. For two hours he never once gave us anything that did that. At one point he claimed Allah made created equality for everyone. But in saying this he denied shariah, the Quran, the Hadiths, and every Islamic scholar.

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  1. Paul is absolutely correct about this guy Yahya. He is popular at Speaker's Corner in London England and is someone we would consider as a "moderate Muslim". The point is, even "moderate Muslims" think unbelievers are less than human. They are unable to provide even one reason Islam is true... but only squeal about how wrong the Bible, that the Quran confirms as the ord of God, is wrong. It is a sick psychoses of sorts.