Monday, December 27, 2021

My Predictions for 2022: Tears for everyone

 Predictions: These are solely my own thoughts of what could and may happen in the coming year.

  1. Muslims will use bombs to kill non-Muslims then pass out candy to celebrate the massacre. 
  2. Muslims will kill daughters for not being Muslim enough because they: 
         a. Dated a non-Muslim boy. 
         b. Did not wear a hijab. 
         c. Said no to a parent. 
         d. Had a Christian friend talk to them about Jesus. 
    1. Internet Jihadis will troll YOUTUBE Christian channels trying to get them banned making false copyright claims, claims that the video is porn, and other claims it is hate speech. 
    2. Joe Biden will step down after saying “Go Brandon” live on TV. WAIT! --- Part of that just happened on December 24th. 
    3. CAIR while file 30 lawsuits that prove to be frivolous due to the original criminal complaints filed being proven false. 
    4. Parents will be shocked and horrified about curriculum that supports Marxism being introduced into Elementary schools the claims to support diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Parents will fight to expose their State Regents as incompetent or nothing more than overpaid rubberstamps. 
    5. Followers of Islam will attempt to outlaw any intelligent discussion about whether Mecca existed or not during the time of Muhammad. 
    6.  Omicron will come and go…It will be like the common cold and those demanding others mask out of fear will become a laughing matter. 
    7. CNN will be sold after being exposed as having been financed largely by Pharmaceutical companies that forbid any exposure of their products being dangerous. 
    8.  CNN viewership drops after exposure of pedophile meetups on site. 
    9. The entire FDA board will be fired after all of them are exposed as having received financial rewards after approving drugs. 
    10. Millions of Americans will go to Washington, DC to demand the removal of an medically diagnosed man with dementia from the office of President after a whistleblower releases a medical record found to show Biden with dementia before November 2020. 
    11. Federal agents, NOT THE FBI, will arrest Hillary Clinton and the leaders of the DNC and charge them with insurrection after financing the Russian Steele Dossier. The trial will be scheduled for January 6. 
    12. Jill Biden and Hunter Biden will be charged with elder abuse and brought up on charges of having been bribed. 
    13. NYS will have a recall demand for a new governor after citizens learn of a plan to stop the use of natural gas. 
    14.  NY Times forced to pay James O’Keefe, Project Veritas and several others after having been found guilty of slander. They payout is made public, exposing that the NY Times can no longer pay its employees. 
    15. The View is cancelled due to exposure of facts exposing financing of the show from Russia and Terrorist front groups. 
    16. President Obama after being badgered by a reporter gets flustered and admits to having given asked Biden to do something that President Biden had publicly stated and signed into law. Revealing once and for all that yes Biden was Obama 2.0. 
    17. Pelosi dies of a heart attack hearing of the arrest of Hillary Clinton. 
    18. George Soros’ finances in the USA are swallowed up by the government as sources reveal they engaged in financing an act of terrorism.

    Saturday, December 11, 2021

    Do jihadis and their mothers know what they are getting in the Islamic concept of Heaven?

     On December 9, 2021 The Sutliffian Report covered the topic on the Islamic Concept of Heaven. Reading their scripture citations on heaven may sound perverted so you may not want young ears around as you listen in. Eric Smith of The Cross and the Crescent joins me.

    This video requires an adult logon because the Islamic scriptures are sexually explicit. An alternative is to go here. Then go to 8:11 to begin listening.

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