Friday, January 4, 2019

My Predictions for 2019: What will Islamists do this year?

So today I decided to share my thoughts on what do I think about 2019. I see many people writing a positive things of what 2019 will bring today. I will not share the positivity. If anything what I will share out the realities.

Source:Defend Europa

I believe 2019 will be a make-it-or-break-it year for the EU countries. They are either going to listen to the rambling ravings of Merkel and are going to totally surrender what remains of their nationality or it will be a year of confrontation of yellow vested regular people saying return to us our national pride, or get lost. Sadly many countries are beyond the point of standing. They're kneeling they are surrendering almost everything to the EU for the UK. Thanks to Andrew. We have learned a lot. If you haven't listened to the show, I played last week you can go to my page or the last show in here. Paul Sutliff dot blog or go to the last week show on BlogTalkRadio's Global Patriot Radio for me and you will find an incredible wealth of information on the Islamization of the UK. My vision for what's going to happen was pessimistic. But the reality check is much worse than the pessimism.


So here's my thoughts of what's going to happen to the UK in 2019. I wish I could say the UK has a chance to survive and toss off its Islamist infiltrators. These would-be immigrants who are either present in the UK legally or illegally. They have come as part of a Hijra - migration.

Whether the migration will be used this year to initiate a Jihad at a level we have never not seen since Isis started to slaughter in Syria, remains to be seen.

I believe the violent Jihadis still fear obliteration by the UK Home Guard and they will be compliant mostly but they will continue to preach hatred openly this year may start a controversial court case on the pursuit of thought crimes against those who do not agree with or condone Islam. I predict there will be many British citizens harassed for their social media stands and ostracized at work creating a storm of cases against the thought police now monitoring social media for crimes of Islamophobia.

If you think what's happening with Facebook is bad. I'm one of them now partially blocked. I can't share anything anyone posts, I can put posts up but I'm not allowed to share any posts, which is really bizarre. What did I do? I link I connected myself to 20 different least 20 or 30 Republican organizations. All of a sudden I got stopped was called suspicious activity. Excuse me I am Republican and I like to do public speaking. How do I get to places like this? I introduce myself. I have to start by liking the organization. So yes, now I am suspicious for sharing my views. One of the things that got me stopped from being shared was a PJ Media post on what terrorism is and PJ media is a news site. So the Islamist in charge of Facebook were concerned now, can you imagine multiplying that 10 to 20 times? [UPDATE: As of January 5, 2019 I am out of Facebook Jail.] And this is what's happening to Citizens today?

In the UK If any one of them had posted anything I post probably on a regular basis, they would be in danger of being arrested and having their livelihood taken from them for doing what? Telling the truth. I predict there's going to be a massive shock wave of cases against the government for pursuing thought crime. That's what I think will happen this year in the UK.

2019 will be a year unlike any other. The brutality of the rapes. The violent actions against the Swedes will begin to cause deportations. The deportations will cause a violent uprising for of the Islamists against native Swedes placing them in fear of losing everything. I see a military action by the Swedes coming soon. Either that or complete actions of submission unlike any year previous. The Swedish Democrats may have to go into hiding. Those few Great Patriotic men of the Swedish Democrats may have to take their families and hide.


In Germany. the desire of Germans to be accepting is beginning to awaken some of the natives accepting of what they accept everything, the Muslim migrants do. Everything they bring. This past week. these past few weeks. They've accepted the most revolting thing. They accepted child marriage because they got married someplace else in this case the 14 year old girl that was being discussed didn't want to be with her husband, but because they were married in another country, Germany decided to rule against the child and say they were still married. As I read that first article, I didn't catch that the girl did not want to be married. I read it about four more times and finally caught it. It wasn't the case that they both wanted to be reunited. That's a scary thing. That's using Sharia. In Germany. to change their own laws to change their culture to fit the Islamists that want them to accept Sharia. Scary! I predict cooperation a cooperative action between Islamists and German government creating Sharia courts this year. It's likely because of this approved Islamic child marriage, more so now, than ever before. Now, they have several mosques that they do know, that are dangerous. The police sit there and watch them. They must have some clue what's going on inside. Don't you think? But they have done nothing over the decades. They have just sat and watched the Salafist Mosques watch the people go in watch them come out. I'm sure they take pictures. But what have they done nothing? But accept but appease. So this year. I would not be surprised to see Sharia courts rising up in Germany.

I believe France will enter a dark period of Islamic violence against non-Muslims. Citizens will begin to fear public transportation. Many of them do already. Paris may be abandoned by all who wish to live safely. France's military will likely have to either reject all Muslim candidates in the military, or face division and subversion from within its ranks. Making it less effective than ever, allowing for more attacks to happen. As far as Macron, the French equivalent of Obama and Trudeau combined. If he stays in power. Islamist strength will grow like an untreated fever. This clown has been caught lying to his people. Lying to the French. Deceiving his people. Arresting those in opposition to his power. Can he stay as president of France long? As long as the French continue to appease the Islamists on the Hijra, Macron will stay in power. The day the French say no to the Hijra, is the beginning of the end, for Macron.

Will the French wake up? They usually wait until they can't do anything and then run away and then beg for help. Isn't that what they did in Vietnam? World War One World War II are they going to run away from their own country as they did in World War Two? It makes you wonder.

SOURCE: Council of European Canadians

2019 Trudeau has proven himself and incompetent blithering idiot and an embarrassment to all of Canada. Is exactly what the Liberals like in leadership. I believe Trudeau will commit some act of foolishness, that can only be seen as treasonous and seditious. His actions will be ignored by the leading party allowing the Islamists to get a stranglehold on the Canadian government. If the Canadians do not rise up and act, Canada will suffer far worse than America under Obama. So I don't know what this will be. I think something's going to happen far worse than ever before. That Trudeau will be caught, again as a blithering idiot. But I fear it's going to be far worse. I wouldn't doubt that he may have a connection in some way to a terrorist that may be caught. Maybe the one he paid millions of dollars to will be found to be funneling money to terrorists? Something will happen this year. That is my prediction. Again, most of what I have to predict is not set. It's not very pleasant.

As 2019 begins, Democrats will take control of the House. This brings with it more Muslims in positions of power in the House. Again, the American system has two houses what I should night when I mean it has the House and the Senate. The House is the House of Representatives, and the Senate is comprised of two people from each state. Republicans still hold that. I believe it is possible that Trump will take an action, revealing and Islamist plot of sedition that will show the actions of several Democrats in agreement and in concert with the islamists. This plot will be revealed, and it will show hundreds in power with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and the positions of power people came to hold and the actions taken that created seditious activities.

When will this happen? I think it will happen, when the Democrats decide to impeach Trump. When the Democrats try to impeach Trump on anything. I think that's when he will reveal who has been caught taking part in seditious activities. That's when we will see a change in the FBI.

We all know of actions by the past President Obama that are treasonous. Again, my reason believing this is possible is the rampaging interest of the Democrats to impeach Trump. When this goes forward. It was it Trump will show his hand, revealing who is taking part in a subversive activity, then only then, will the arrest and the seditious actions and ties of many a democratic opposition will be known. Keep in mind, that I have reason to believe this is possible.

Will there be more terrorist attacks in 2019? I believe we are seeing the results of the lovers of death, who believe in the promises of Allah for the afterlife. They want their 72 virgins. Someone's gotta explain to me what the women get out of this because I still see no promise for the women. There is no Quranic promise for the women, nothing. However, understand this historically Islamic women have taken part in Warfare.

So what I'm saying is there is likely to be more actors for of jihad. These aren't lone wolves! They are encouraged by their Imams and their local mosques and the Quran! These type will grow, since there is little that can be done to stop devote Muslims from acting to endorse their god's demand to terrorize the non-Muslims.

So 2019 in this light is not promising. The only good thing I see coming is Trump bringing our young men and women home. The sooner we have completely withdrawn from the Middle East, the better. This sounds horrid. And I say that after having read a few things this afternoon.

One of them was in War on the Rocks by Matthew Levitt and and Aaron Zelin. They wrote on December 25th,"Mission unaccomplished the tweet that intended Trump's counter-terrorism and Iran's policy." So what are they talking about? I'm just going to read a few lines here...

"President Trump backed last week's reckless decision to withdraw US military from Syria by claiming ISIL..."
I cannot believe they are using that term. ISIL is not the correct term. It is ISIS! Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham. This is just so bad.

"His advisors disagree. It appears that President didn't get the memo or maybe he did given the letter contradict's himself claiming ISIL was other countries' problems."

Now, how is that wrong? How is that wrong? We're far away from there. We don't live next door to that issue. Let people in the neighborhood take care of their own problems. This is where Trump, I think understands what George Washington was saying. We need to stay in our own backyard as much as we can. Levit and Zelen's article talks about what will happen if we withdraw They say with Al-Qaeda and ISIS will grow in strength. If Russia can't deal with it. If Iran can't deal with it. I'll be real surprised. Will Turkey back ISIS? You bet! One hundred percent yes. They will. Will Turkey back Al-Qaeda now, that's another discussion. But keep in mind ISIS was created by Al Qaeda. That's something to remember. Isis was the fulfillment of Al Qaeda's 10-year plan.

So. This is where I think Trump is right. We need to bring our young men home. It gives the Muslims less reason to attack us. So we won't be their primary target possibly but as long as we stand for freedom. that will continue.

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