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Allah Says NO to Many Islamic Prayers Every Day

Does Allah Negate Prayers Before They Begin?

My dear Muslim,

What do you think of a god, who never once teaches you how to pray in his scriptures? Yet, the method of praying to this god exists within its claimed god's laws. These laws are the only place you can find how to pray. It is here that this god reveals that many of his believers pray in vain. But there is a problem with this. Most of this god’s followers have not read his law and are not told they should read it!

I am a Christian, I met with an Imam in Ohio, who came out of the mosque after Jummah prayers and we began to talk. He had a friend with him listening. I said, “do you know that you Muslims never pray?”

The Imam said, “we just finished Friday prayers.”

“Allow me to explain,” I pleaded.

The Imam nodded.

“Prayer is between your heart. Your very soul and God. It is a deeply personal communication. You speak to Him. He listens and responds.” They nodded. “But, what you do according to your prophet Jesus, is vain and repetitious.”

The friend with the Imam said, “what we do is repetitious but not vain.”

I responded, “you insult your prophet Jesus.” The man walked away.

The Imam immediately tried to change the topic.

*                                                                             *                                                                                     *

Shariah teaches that there is an exact way to pray, exact words to say. There exact things that must be done to prepare for prayer also. Wudu, the use of water to “cleanse” a person from impurities on his/her person, has to be done in an exact order and with certain thoughts. There is an allowance if there is no water, to use “clean dirt,” which is referred to as Tayumum. This method also is an exact process that must be followed, and if not done, invalidates/negates a person’s prayer.

If a man is touched by a female, or a dog after doing this process, he can wash himself with “good dirt” to purify himself. This method and statement, are a claim that all females are too dirty for their god to ever listen to their prayers. After all, how can they wash the woman off themselves?

As we delve deeper into the method of prayer, we learn Muslims must recite the first Surah, what they refer to as Al Fatiha. This being the first chapter in their Quran. Repeating this passage, and claiming that it is a prayer poses problems for this god that is supposed to receive their prayers. Muslims claim that the Quran is the word of Allah. If Al Fatiha is a prayer and is the word of Allah, it must be asked who is Allah praying to? It becomes more problematic when authors of Tasfirs insist that Al Fathiha is not part of the Quran. As shariah insists that Muslims must use passages in the Quran for prayer. This would invalidate all 5 prayers a day given by faithful Muslims.

This causes many problems to surface.

Invalidation of prayers in shariah, for praying and some part of your person touching filth is quite a statement. If prayer is between what is in your heart, and God, how can something outside your body effect it? (f4.0-f4.2)

People pray when they are scared, when they are hurting, and more. Yet, these 5 required prayers ignore these most important things. f4.6 invalidates prayers if pus coming from the body has a smell.

F4.7 allows you to pretend not to notice if an impurity is on your person. Just pretend you do not notice right? But, if god does see it, and knows you do … Toss that time set aside to pray as worthless.

F4.9  states you have to repeat your prayers, if you are praying in a place of impurity. In other words, the god of Islam does not care to listen to them because you were in a place he does not like. If we take shariah as Allah’s law, it can be understood that you cannot pray touching your wife or female children.

F4.11 tells the Muslim that their clothes can negate their prayers! If they are not clean enough Allah just says no to your prayers.

F4.14 tells Muslims that some places prayer should not be performed, but they are not forbidden, they are called offensive. This label offensive, calls into question many practices of Islam in respect to praying in streets. Which again calls into question the concept of praying where filth is as possibly negating a prayer.

F4.15 tells Muslims they cannot pray in clothing unlawfully taken. This is of interest, because it hints at something stolen, but property belonging to apostates (h1.2) is defined as Islamic communal property elsewhere in shariah. This law also states that you cannot pray on land unlawfully taken. Which means that if jihad won the land it is lawfully taken.

F5.1 says Allah negates the prayers of those who are not covering their nakedness. When you read this part you learn Allah is ok with topless women praying when they are alone.

F5.2 has Allah concerned about holes in your clothing more than listening to your prayers. With all these things you have to wonder if a homeless person could ever have Allah listen to his prayers.

F5.3 redefines what nakedness is, for being in public. A woman is now considered naked if she reveals anything but her face and hands.

When we get to f5.8 we learn that a poor man possessing no clothing is allowed to pray naked. Keep in mind that this is now talking about prayer not in private, but in public. This makes you wonder why a man alone must clothe his private areas, but a man in public may be naked when he prays. But even that prayer is negated if he refuses clothing that is offered to him.

Now that you are washed/cleaned with “good dirt” and clothed, we learn that Muslims who do not face Mecca while praying do not have their prayers answered (f6.1). This open a whole range of problems, such as what if you are lightly off in the direction you face? Worse, what if a qibla in a mosque has been wrong?

Dear Muslim,

Is this god not to small for you? Are your prayers of so little value, that they are judged invalid before you even begin?

Consider these words, then choose whether Allah is worthy of your worship. If you leave Islam, yes it is at the risk of your life. But is worshipping something not worthy of your time worth losing out on knowing the one God who loved you first?

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School in the UK Standing Up to Civilization Jihad Should be Applauded!

EMILY JANE DAVIES  of The Daily Mail reported that UK Michaela Community School is facing legal action because one Muslim student out of the majority that attend has filed a complaint against a policy banning prayer rituals on the premises, as being discriminatory.

The student claims the decision 'banning prayer rituals' also breaches her right to freedom of religion.

Sarah Hannett KC, representing the student, told the court that the policy had the 'practical effect of only preventing Muslims from praying because their prayer by nature has a ritualised nature rather than being internal'. Ms. Hannett said it was 'a ban uniquely on Muslim prayer', stopping pupils praying 'at a time as required by Islam', under which it is part of the 'five pillars' of the faith. Hannet claims that it 'wouldn't prevent a Christian child sitting quietly in the corner of the playground from praying.' Nor anyone else from any other religion.

It should be noted that this school – has been rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted - has been described as having an ethos likened to private schools.


What The Daily Mail article does not tell you is that Shariah allows those who cannot leave work to join prayers. This means they can combine prayers. For this reason shariah states the policy is not only NOT discriminatory, it does not pose any effect on the students who do attend. The assumption here is that non-Muslims are ignorant of Islamic law. According to Reliance of the Traveller:

Hadiths also abound on this topic.

As this information is in the public domain it is somewhat dishonest on the part of The Daily Mail to present an unbiased presentation of facts. It easily explains why the majority of Muslim students have never complained. In ignoring this publicly available information, they not only avoid presenting shariah, they ignore the many Islamic leaders who have made YouTube videos on the topic. Below are just a few.

 This next video says students taking exams may combine prayers. He does not agree with work combining prayers, but recognizes that some places they can not pray so combining prayers is then acceptable.

The true purpose of the charge against the school, is to force them to accept Islamic law as supreme. The secondary purpose is to place Islamic leadership over the school.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Critical Thinking vs. Shariah: Can Allah Communicate the Knowledge of Good and Evil?


The Knowledge of Good and Bad.

a1.1. There is no disagreement among the scholars of the Muslims that the source of legal rulings for all the acts of those who are morally responsible is Allah Most Glorious”.

Really? There's no disagreement among the scholars that the source of legal rulings is Allah? Wait a minute, how does Allah make legal rulings? We are told Islam claims Muhammad was the last prophet, and if that is true, how would anyone hear Allah’s rulings today?


a1.2. The question arises: is it possible for the mind alone, unaided by Allah’s messengers and revealed scriptures, to know rulings, such that someone not reached by a prophet's invitation would be able, through his own, to know Allah’s rule concerning his actions? Or is this impossible?”

Think about this. Is it possible to know right from wrong apart from Allah's intervention? Is it possible for you to know right from wrong with some kind of divine intervention? Are there things that you just know are wrong and things that you just know are right? Did God have to divinely intervene so you can know those things? Are there some things that are just known to be wrong? For example, is it always wrong to torture babies for the sole pleasure of hearing them cry? If this is something you feel is true, then is Allah unknowing in his law, which would reduce his status from being god.


Since the Torah is affirmed as accurate in the Qur’an, the question should be addressed using Genesis 1:27. So let's take a look. What does Genesis 1:27 say?

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female, created he them”.

Whoa, wait a minute! God created us. If God created us in his image—again, this is from the Torah, something the Qur’an says is accurate—at bare minimum, there should exist a concept of good versus evil, because God is wholly-good correct? Don't you think we should feel uncomfortable around that which is evil? Don't you think we should at least have that feeling of something is wrong? Yet, shariah has stated the opposite. Is this a take down of the claim Islam is an Abrahamic faith?

Back to the main topic. Does a child have these concepts of good and evil? Can they be trained against these concepts? Those are other things to think about. Shariah says, a prophet has to help, a messenger has to help, an angel has to help, so Allah can get his point across. This poses an additional question. Is it impossible for Allah to do this without that help? So, let's think about this: Since the God of the Torah is wholly-good, but if that's not true of Islam’s Allah (Arabic word for God), we have a break between a God that is wholly-good and a God that is not wholly-good.

If God is not wholly-good, this, at minimum, places the concept of a God, singular in existence, on the scale of belief in multiple gods. Sadly, to the unaware submitters to Islam, The Qur’an makes a claim of many gods unknowingly by referencing creators.

Surah 23:15     “… So blessed be Allah, the best of the creators.”

Surah 37:125-126             “Do you call on Baal and forsake the best of the creators, Allah your lord and the lord of your ancient fathers?"

Surah 56:59                       “Are you the ones who created it, or are we the creators?”

Still, according to Islam, there is only one god, but this is said, while their Qur’an credits more than their god as creators. The Arabic word for god is Allah. This proposes an additional problem. The submitters of Islam do not even have the name of their god! This God can't communicate without assistance, much less reveal it’s name. Remember Allah can't communicate without a prophet. Allah can't communicate without messengers. That's what it says here: It is impossible for the mind alone, unaided by Allah’s messengers and revealed scriptures, to know rulings.

a1.2. It is impossible for the mind alone, unaided by Allah’s messengers and revealed scriptures, to know rulings such that someone not reached by a prophet's invitation…

Has shariah just placed a limit on God? This appears to be a statement that Allah is not capable of hardwiring morality into mankind. Think about that. If Allah can't hardwire morality into mankind, what does that say?

The Christian and the Jewish person will tell you—the Judeo-Christian concept of God, has hardwired into all of mankind HIS concept of  morality. He's given the concepts of right and wrong. What man does with that is his/her own choice. Think about this. If Allah doesn't do this, it's possible he could never be recognized as God also. Think about that. Because if he doesn't hardwire people to know who he is, he can not be recognized as god.

This could be taken another way. What if this is a statement to throw away all that you have learned and known and believed up to this point to enable yourself to find an alternate moral compass that exists only within Islam’s scriptures, and it’s law - shariah.

Another important point on this is that shariah has now established that there exist alternative concepts of morality. Allah is claiming, only his concept is correct. Now, what does this exactly mean? If only Allah’s concept is correct, it’s possible his view can best described as a Nietzschean view of morality. If anyone is familiar with Nazis, their concept of reality comes from Nietzsche's Übermensch (Superman), where there exists superior beings (Supermen) that exist above the law. It doesn't matter what the common person's morality is, it matters what the Superman's morality is, because the Superman is above everybody else's morality. In this respect, no matter what everyone else’s morals tell them, if Allah’s morals overrule everyone else and proclaim allowance for slavery, child marriage, and killing your own children. It does not matter what everyone else thinks is right or wrong. It only matters that the Übermensch or in this respect, Islam’s Submitters aka Muslims believe is right and wrong.

How is this different from the Judeo-Christian belief? Those who believe in the God of the Torah and that of the New Testament believe that morality is universal. That is because God created man in His image it is literally impossible to judge any of mankind if this is not universal. By this one claim in shariah, Islam has claimed its superiority, but demonstrated inferiority.  


a1.3 The position of the Ash'aris, the followers of Abdul Hassan Ash'ari, is that the mind is unable to know the rule of Allah about the acts of those morally responsible except by means of his messengers and inspired books. …”

 Perhaps the best critical thinking question to be posed on this is: “Is a1.3 saying that you have to throw everything out in order to accept Islam?” If this is required is that a statement that Islam practices “brainwashing?”

a1.3 The position of the followers of Abdul Hassan Ash'ari is that the mind is unable to know the rule of Allah about the acts of those morally responsible except by means of his messenger and inspired books. For minds are in obvious disagreement about acts. Some minds find certain acts good, others find them bad. However, one person can be of two minds about one and the same action”.

This is called the law of non-contradiction. You can't hold two diametrically opposed opinions at the same time. It creates something called insanity. And this is one of the problems with Islam, because they have a concept of duality that basically teaches to do this, and this is extremely problematic. Let's think of this next part:

a1.3 (Continued) Caprice often wins out over the intellect, and considering something good or bad comes to be based on mere whim. So it cannot be said that an act which the mind deems good is therefore good in the eyes of Allah, its performance called for and its doer rewarded by Allah, or that whatever the mind feels it to be bad is thus bad in the eyes of Allah, its nonperformance called for and its doer punished by Allah”.

Here we enter the twilight zone. Sharia has now declared that Allah is incapable of communicating to his creation naturally. He's unable to communicate even the concept of morality. Nothing can be known without Allah and his prophet. Yes, throughout your brain, they have said it. Intellect, throw it out. Now you can accept Islam. If you're using your brain, you won't accept Islam. Is that what we're hearing here? It's got to make you think.

Nothing can be known without Allah's prophet. This is greatly problematic due to the fact that “the prophet” aka Muhammad committed many acts today, which would be considered crimes. Some of those actions are so horrible that they would receive charges of war crimes, genocide, violations of human rights, crimes against children, slavery, the selling of slaves, pedophilia, the bedding of his adopted son's wife. And these were all acts that were approved of by Allah. We would find these to be highly offensive today. Even in his culture, they found some of his actions extremely offensive.

But throw out your brain, and accept. Again, it says it here, “caprice often wins out over intellect.” But again, they're saying that you can't even use your brain. Thank you, Sharia.

Under Islam, the human mind is incapable of knowing good or evil apart from Allah’s messenger. The brain gets washed to the point where it can't be used. Allah doesn't come to earth to communicate. Allah doesn't talk to his people—if we even are his people. Even the Muslims get nothing from Allah. They might get a messenger. But wait a minute, if there are no more messengers, can there be any communication? Well, not unless they pick up a book called the Qur’an. See, it doesn't talk about preaching. It says a messenger. It says a prophet. But that means there's no salvation—if they have a concept of it—there's no spreading of Islam, there's no growth of Islam apart from their scriptures. This is what shariah states so far.

Fox News Radio's 94.9 Freedom on Deck Interviews Paul Sutliff

My Fox News Interview on Freedom on Deck posted:

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Can Shariah Stand Up to Critical Thinking?

 The truth about Islam is that its law forbids asking questions. With that said, how can you apply Critical Thinking to anything you have forbidden to ask questions about?

This series based on Umdat al-Salik aka Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper. The English translation. Where passages are not translated, or questions appear in respect to the translation, Usama Dakdok was consulted to obtain an accurate translation.


Part 1 Background a1.0 to a1.4
Part 2 a1.4 to a2.2
Part 3 a2.7 to a4.3
Part 4 a4.3-a4.7
Part 5 a5.0-a7.2
Part 6 a7.3
Part 7 a7.3 to b3.4

Could Muhammad Survive Islam's Shariah?


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Islamic Fatwa Council Backs My Claim! The Muslim Brotherhood is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

 On March 9, 2023, the Islamic Fatwa Council an amalgamation of Sunnis, Shi'ites and Sufis declared that Hamas was a corrupt terrorist organization against "its own people," people living in the Gaza Strip of Israel called Palestinians. 

This fatwa went one step further. It declared the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its affiliated parts, chapters, etc. as terrorist entities. This is significant because not only has Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE taken such a stand, now we have an Islamic Council that issues a fatwa stating this. You can find the source at

Remember when Obama was President? A petition was posted on WhiteHouse,gov asking the President to take an action declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity. This was written July 7, 2013. The rule was get 100,000 signatures then the President and his team would respond to petitions within 30 days. ONE YEAR LATER, in the last week of November, Obama's team responded.

What does this state about the FBI, CIA, State Department and the various other Intelligence Communities in the USA and their work, since they have not backed every attempt in the USA to do exactly what the Islamic Fatwa Council has done?

I have proposed a Congressional Resolution in 2017 and 2018 but was not provided an opportunity to actually meet with a Senator or Congressman on this issue, because I am an American and not an entity. Frankly, that disgusted me and told me much about the political game playing. I had serious backers, their names were well known. 

I want to return to DC and find a gutsy Congressman/woman who will dare to propose my resolution. I am recruiting people who will go with me this time. If you are interested in joining me heading to DC to propose this resolution please contact me.


               H. J. RES. __

Providing for congressional approval under ____.


________________, 2023

Mr. _____ introduced the following joint resolution; …



Providing for a congressional recognition.

1                    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives

2                    of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

3                    that Congress fully recognizes that the Muslim

4                    Brotherhood of North America has been engaged in

5                    a war against the United States of America and Canada

6                    that they call “civilization jihad.”


8                    Whereas the Muslim Brotherhood on December 6, 2017

9                    declared on their website that the USA is an enemy due

10               to its acceptance of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. It

1                    further  stated further that we make blood, freedom

2                    and life, and we fight every aggressor and every

3                    supporter of aggression.”


5                    The term “civilization jihad” comes from the

6                    Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim

7                    Brotherhood Of North America, which was discovered

8                    in a hidden sub-basement of a leader of the said group

9                    through a legal search warrant in 2004. This document

10                     written in 1991 declares the purpose of the Muslim

11                     Brotherhood in one paragraph:


13                                 4- Understanding the role of the Muslim

14                                 Brotherhood in North America:

15                                 The process of settlement is a "Civilization-

16                                 Jihadist Process" with all the word means. The

17                                 Ikhwan must understand that their work in

18                                 America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating

19                                 and destroying the Western civilization from

20                                 within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by

21                                 their hands and the hands of the believers so

22                                 that it is eliminated and God's religion is made

23                                 victorious over all other religions. Without this

24                                 level of understanding, we are not up to this

1                               challenge and have not prepared ourselves for

2                               Jihad yet. It is a Muslim's destiny to perform

3                               Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he

4                               lands until the final hour comes, and there is no

5                               escape from that destiny except for those who

6                               choose to slack. But, would the slackers and the

7                               Mujahedeen be equal. 


9                   This document of the Muslim Brotherhood in North

10                  America declares that a jihad is prescribed for those

11                  who are Muslim Brotherhood in North America.


13                  According to The Reliance of the Traveller, the term

14                  Jihad means: “to war against non-Muslims, and is

15                  etymologically derived from the word mujahada

16                  signifying warfare to establish the religion.”


18                  Furthermore, the Islamic Fatwa Council, the countries of

19                  the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have

20                  declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity.


22                  Whereas, the United States Senate and the House of

23                  Representatives formally recognizes that the Muslim

24                  Brotherhood of North America has declared war

25                  against the Unites States of America and are carrying

26                  out these actions using alternative forms of warfare.

27                  This is nothing more than a formal recognition that a

28                  war has been declared against the USA by an entity

1                   acting within and without the borders of the United

2                   States of America.


4                   ** Attached are the following:

5                      A) The Fatwa from The Islamic Fatwa Council.

6                      B) The English translation of the Explanatory

7                          Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood used

8                           in  the HLF vs. USA trial.

9                     C) The definition of jihad as cited in The Reliance           

10                      of  the Traveller. This book is an approved

11                        translation of sharia and has one of the groups of

12                        the Muslim Brotherhood of North America's

                              13                        statement of approval in the front of the book.