Monday, October 3, 2016

European Governments: There are NO Migrant problems here!

France Interior Ministry
Truth sometimes is harder to swallow than fantasy world of belief that there exist no problems. This was for some reason the overwhelming consensus of the government officials we met, with few exceptions in France, Germany and Sweden. 

What happens when a government refuses to acknowledge it has made a bad decision? What happens when the harsh reality exposes that? My observation is that these government officials react by hiding by the problem. 

In Paris, the team of 35 on the Fact Finding Expedition discovered that the France’s Interior Ministry had no difficulty with cleaning up evidence of a problem. When migrants move in they say or do nothing until someone starts to document it. Then in the midst of the night they send in the police and military to clean away the evidence of a tenting area and high traffic mostly young male migrant area, complete with a sanitizing of the area. They follow this up by placing 8 to 10 feet high fences that are able to keep them from refilling the area.  On top of this the official in charge of Migration stated that if a Migrant does not fulfill his half of the contract that all migrants must sign, that France can not deport. The result is that the migrant can not become a citizen, but they can again apply to be a migrant. French citizens are expected to hold jobs. Migrants are not expected to have jobs since they are new to the country.
German Interior Ministry

In Germany, like in France the very concept that a problem exists was not even allowed to be thought of in government officials. Migrant problem? We don’t have a problem. One official went so far as to blame the police for responding poorly and that being the cause of the rape and sexual assaults upon women. This allowance of blame on a group of persons who exist to react to social problems that we call crimes, removes the possibility of addressing the issue! Who was committing the crimes that the police needed to react to? Why was their response needed? Why were they unable or unwilling to respond?  

In Berlin our translator shared another reason to be so accepting of migrant Muslims. He did not like the German people because they were too anti-Semitic for him. His answer was he wanted to change the people! The moment I heard this, the name Hitler sounded like a loud gong in my head. Is this the cause of so many Islamic migrants being allowed into European countries? Is it the cause of the directives of POTUS  Obama? DO they want to change put their people?  

Not long ago one of those in favor of increasing Islamic migration to America called those that opposed her stance “Deplorables.” Yes, I am speaking of Hillary Clinton. This thought of replacing people to get what you want in a vote is a threat to the people of the country no matter where the country is. 

In Sweden, the press works with the Social Democrats to get their message out that there is no problem with massive Islamic migration. The press does its part to call for the removal of those who see this as a threat. I saw this happen while I was in Stockholm, Sweden. Censorship of opinion is a HUGE thing in a country where it is uncultural to ask question! This cultural aspect is one of the first things our translator expressed to us. No where was this better expressed than in a the short You TUBE video I am posting below. 

What does this mean for us here? What is the ultimate lesson I have returned with?  
  1. Canadians and Americans must wake-up and express their concerns loudly or they will be quickly silenced into nothing more than a whisper that others perceive as nothing more than a rumor. Truth can be easily quieted by a government that does not wish to be seen in error. 
  1. Becoming vocal is not enough. We must stand tall politically. To be honest for me this conclusion is too vague and undefined for me at present. But for the present I will say it means  getting into politics ourselves or, doing what we can to become advisers to politicians or, becoming an avid citizen lobbyists.  
  1. Destruction of culture is imminent when two cultures clash. One will simply out populate the other or crush it through a war. Saying nothing about protecting your culture makes you complicit in accepting its doom. 
  1. Fear of appearing oppressive by protecting your country is not a totally bad thing! Who cares you are sounding an alarm. If you keep silent what will exist when there is no longer anyone to sound the alarm? When the freedoms you cherished have been stolen out from under your feet how will your grandchildren ever understand what you had? When you attempt to express what is not politically correct and the result is jail or a fine, will you finally say I should have listened and spoke out? 

WAKE UP! The war is here! Civilization Jihad is real!

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  1. Thank You, Paul for enlightening us to the European Governments burying their heads in the sand. Most of us in the US haven't been given very much information on how Europe is really reacting or rather not reacting to the results of bringing in Muslim refugees that turn out to be Jihadists. People with no intention of assimilating in to the countries that they have been allowed to enter. Thank You for sounding the alarms and ringing the bells to wake up Americans that have become to complacent and allow politicans to make decisions that could destroy our way of life unless we all become activists to keep the Islamization from spreading and taking over our country.