Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are We Prepared If Congress Declares the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Entity?

The Muslim Brotherhood is digging trenches in case they beome labeled a FTO.

Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. ~ George Washington

When a government refuses to acknowledge an entity’s declared war against it, it becomes susceptible to the dangers of infiltration and seditious activity within its own borders. In 2004, the United States learned that the Muslim Brotherhood within North America had declared war against America, Canada and Mexico. Knowledge of this declared war became public information through the Holy Land Foundation vs. USA (2008).
The FBI had known of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee as evidenced by records provided at the trial of wire-tapping which was used in the HLF trial. Evidence provided through these transcripts proved that members of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America had formed a Palestine Committee, which had intent to funnel finances to Hamas (a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood).
In addition to this threat Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood issued a fatwa in 2003 “that anybody killed in a military operation aimed at expelling American occupation forces from the Gulf is a martyr due to his good intention” (Al-Uwaydidi, 2003).
Threats from the Muslim Brotherhood have continued. One was given on a televised broadcast from Turkey in 2015. There was little to no reaction by the Obama administration.
In addition to this many of the Islamic terror organizations active today have been found to have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood. Middle East Monitor (2013) pointed out the connection of ISIS to the Muslim Brotherhood.
For these reason the American public has been actively pursuing a course to have the Muslim Brotherhood declared a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).
There have been several attempts since 2013 to have federal government list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity. Politically this has taken on different forms. For example, under President Barak Obama a petition site was established for the people of the United States to share needs and concerns. If the petition garnered 20-30,000 signatures, a promise was given to answer the petition. In 2013, a petition was written to have the United States designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity had garnered 213,146 signatures! But no response was given for a year. When the Office of President responded on the site it claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was a non-violent entity ignoring decades of assassinations bombings, and more.
Since 2015, there has been a change where bills have been submitted in Congress to do what the State Department has not – name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity.
In the House of Representatives HR 5823 submitted on July 2016 was sent to Homeland Security – Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. HR5823 was submitted by Rep. Brat and was entitled: “Naming the Enemy Within Homeland Security Act.” 
February 24, 2016 the Judiciary Committee of the House called on the White House Administration to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
In 2017, Senator Ted Cruz proposed a repeat of a bill he submitted in 2015 that died in committee. The majority of the text is exactly the same. These bills proposed the label of Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).
Whether the FBI considers the Muslim Brotherhood a current threat or not, may be irrelevant. It is possible that the efforts of the American people through their elected officials will push the bills proposed that label the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO into law. It is also possible, that under President Trump, the State Department will declare the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO.
The Muslim Brotherhood has operated both discreetly and openly in the United States of America for over 50 years. For this reason President Washington’s words have special meaning. It will be a difficult assignment to clean the USA of the Muslim Brotherhood presence if it is declared a FTO.
Current estimates of the number of Muslim Brotherhood entities within the United States are in the hundreds. These include large entities such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and individual mosques and Islamic Centers. This does not even include an analysis of who should be arrested under the Patriot Act if the Muslim Brotherhood is declared an FTO.
NCIS has had investigations into interactions of Navy personnel and members of CAIR. This was revealed through a FOIA sent to the Navy which was passed on to NCIS. NCIS promised to partially fulfill the FOIA.  
DHS has had personnel openly confess to being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood while appointed to a committee to decide if the Muslim Brotherhood should be designated as a FTO.
Sutliff (2015) shows that the Office of Management and Budget in the White House had a member of ISNA’s Shura Council overseeing the budgets of cabinet members under the last President. This threat of harm is deeper than most think.These are government positions. What about entities and personnel engaged in colleges?  Would the FBI recognize those who espouse affinity towards supporting Hamas, a designated FTO, and a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood as persons in violation of the Patriot Act? They have yet to act at all on this as evidenced by the bold public declarations found in Middle East Forum (2002).

What about persons actively engaged in misinformation campaigns. Specifically, the Institute on Religion and Civic Values (IRCV), which works with many major textbook industries in America. Its original name being the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Is the FBI ready to act if the State Department or Congress declares the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO or possibly a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entity?
According to the Muslim Link Paper (2017, March 7), one of the online papers for the United States Muslim Council of Organizations (USMCO), a known umbrella group of Muslim Brotherhood organizations, whether the USA is prepared or not to take on the task of dealing with a FTO label on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood community is preparing for the FBI.

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  1. I'm in shock. I can't believe we've let our country get to this point...

  2. It will be hard to expel these foreign threats, but we must try. Definitely stop them from coming in to America and stop given them positions in US government.

  3. I'm ready, but I'm not sure how many people have a clue what those bastards might unleash. We've sat by, fat dumb and happy, and let them build a whole network of fortresses (mosque) all across the Country to assault US from within when the order is given.

  4. I agree it is imperative Congress acts to designate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all of its front groups as terror organizations. However, I do not believe it will happen. Each group has entrenched itself into American society under the guise of religion, gaining massive amounts of support and sympathy. Groups like CAIR feed the homeless, align themselves with causes such as Black Lives Matter, protect gays and fight for those in prisons. Despite all the evidence that was revealed in a federal trial (HLF) outlining the goals of these Islamic groups, vast numbers of Americans remain smitten with them. Arguments can and will be made by large corporations, academia, law enforcement and other entities that they are moderate, and useful to help fight against real terrorists. Those of us that know and understand know Islam is Islam..the Muelim Brotherhood is no different than ISIS or Al-Qaida, they just look better as they have not become violent...yet.

  5. Prepared or not, it sounds like we must. An analogy: I'll take the consequences of radiation therapy instead of the certainty of death by cancer.

  6. Frankly I was aware of the MB tentacles across govt. agencies; however, until now I never contemplated the domestic implications of declaring the MB a FTO.

    Do you mind if I cross post this on my blog?

    1. You may cross-post 2/3 of the article with a reference to this place to finish reading.

  7. Paul,
    A great post and great references. I have been aware of the infiltration of the previous administration, and to top level advisory (Czars) appointed by President Obama, and the establishment of liberal socialists and Muslim Brotherhood subordinates to the "Shadow Government" (the depraved size of bureaucracy). The matter of the Brotherhood being a terrorist group is of no reasonable doubt, as one researches the numerous Muslim sects, and Islamic terror organizations, their is a link to all of them either directly or indirectly, the fact is and will remain, the Muslim Brotherhood is a top echelon and adhesive leader in the core Islamic Caliphate. Of course, the various groups which are attaching themselves, unawares, are taking full advantage of the liberal socialists -- Islamic coalition consisting of numerous groups of which you have named, CAIR being the noticeable one at this time, should all be considered as terrorist connected and supportive groups. This phantom coalition, is working very hard to get Islamic populations established and voting Muslims into office; starting on the local level and state levels, (this is the ideology of the UN Agenda 21 implementation. It worked as long as they could keep voter fraud a non-issue, however that is now about to end with this administration establishing a task force, to address the problem. I know President Trump is exposing who they are, from cabinet heads to department and agency janitors. The problem now? Dislodge them and fire them, with no benefits or retirement -- The American People do not need to spend any more money on the Obama Shadow Government.

  8. Great article. I would like to add that if the Brotherhood is included as a terrorist group, other groups will appear in different names. In addition to your important ideas that it chasing terrorists, we need to dismantle and close the factory that produces terrorism and terrorists.It is the Islamic religious ideology spread among Muslims. The West has not defeated communism as you known by weapons but by dismantling communist ideology.

  9. Paul,
    Good article. There is a good reason why the left has been so seemingly blind to the Islamic threat. It is because the new communist class war is not longer between "the Owners" and "the workers", but between the oppressed "people of color" and the "oppressor" white people. All Arabs, by leftist definition, are people of color. Therefore, to promulgate their new class warfare, the left cannot take a position against any Islamist. This is why organizations such as CAIR and BLM continue to operate freely in this country. One of the ways to end this farce would be to expose the leftist tactic of Whites v. coloreds for the sham that it is.

  10. Excellent Article is so sad to me that our country has for the most part allowed it's people to be deceived and that our leaders have even for their own left political gain taken full advantage of perpetuating the cause of the enemy within...and deceiving themselves in the name of political the Muslim Groups use this to become so embedded that removing them now would seem to require a degree of surgical percision to completely remove them and their influence on our nation and the misguided youth that look for something new and different and "a Cause" to support and that has been used against them and our country. The Muslims have taken advantage of Americans Basic decency and our accepted standards of normal behavior. So Now OUR Elected officials Have To From Top To Bottom Remove Them From Our Country and Call Them What They Are...Terrorists.

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