Monday, October 31, 2016

OBFUSCATION ALERT: The Major Media News Outlets and Islamic Migrants

Of late the major media news outlets have done a series of articles on the migrants being displaced from the “Jungle” camp also known as Calais refugee camp. What is interesting is that the “professional reporters” only convey the story from the refugees’ point of view.  

The Associated Press published an article byAlex Turnbull on Oct. 31, 2016 entitled: “Police operation creates tension in Paris migrant camp he quotes one refugee and one charity worker: 

"Every day, I see on TV, on the internet, on Facebook that here there are human rights. Where are the human rights? I'm not seeing any human rights here," said Mirzai. 

Charity worker Houssam El Assimi, of local aid group La Chappelle Debout, held a sign reading "No to police raids against migrants." He said Monday's operation was the 27th in the area in which police sort people based on whether they have papers and the right to seek asylum. 

Turnbull ends his article with a quote from police on how many migrants they have turned out from camps. But his article is missing several key things. Comments from locals and how they felt about the refugee camp. A simple survey on locals and if the refugee camp made them feel less safe would have fit perfectly. What about a report from police on if any crimes were related to the local migrant camp? This also would have been an obvious fit. 

But the simple reason is that the French government and the media have an agreement not to portray anything negative about the refugees or to ever allow a portrayal of what they have in common, they are largely Muslims in love with Sharia…Islamists. There is one more additional element. The vast majority of migrants in France are men of military age without families! I was in France a month ago and witnessed a makeshift soup kitchen in action at a refugee camp in Paris where tents and mattresses and trash seemed in abundance. Below is a brief video of this.  

I had the privilege of meeting with people in the Interior Ministry, where I met one of the leaders of the General Directorate for Aliens in France. This is why I also noticed something else not stated in the Turnbull article. The article states:  

Regional authorities say they have cleared out more than 19,000 migrants from Paris since June 2015. 

What it does not say is of these 19,000 “x” amount were deported. Were any of these people deported? The answer sadly is none. When I met with the head of Immigration to France in the Interior Ministry, he revealed something every French citizen needs to know and likely does not. That the French government may not be able to deport a migrant who does not comply with what the government of France requires. So a migrant can be “eternally on the dole. 

             But Associated Press is not alone in its purposeful obfuscation of “migrant” issues. CNN is a partner a crime. CNN ran an article on Thursday, October 27th entitled, Calais 'Jungle': Unregistered children left in limbo by Laura Smith-Spark, Saskya Vandoorne and Bryony Jones. Interestingly this article also neglects important points in favor of making the government the bad guy and the migrants good guys. First off since this is an American source it calls the migrants “refugees.” This is a contradiction to what the government of France calls them. Why the change in title? It is simply a ploy to gather sympathy for their plight. These people are not running from persecution, which would make them refugees. They are not fleeing war. Although you may think so from reading the articles. The majority of these men are North African. But you would not know that from reading this article.  

               Bell said there had been no violence as yet between police and migrants, but anxiety was growing among the unaccompanied teenagers, many of them from Afghanistan, about what might happen. 

Really Bell? Do you have any stats to prove that? The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) did a study which was published in May of this year and determined the following: 

  • Of the 6,000 migrants estimated to be living in the Jungle and Jules Ferry Centre, the largest group were found to be from Sudan, at around a third, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Eritrea and Pakistan. 
  • 95 per cent of respondents were men and the mean age was 25, with half of those questioned having completed secondary or further education. 
  • 25% of those in Calais reporting having experienced violence experienced it in the “Calais jungle”, wheresexual abuse and exploitationhas been reported alongside police brutality. 
  • 61 per cent of asylum seekers were also found to have health problems, mostly developing since their arrival in the Jungle. 

This study did not reveal if it questioned a person’s claims about their country of origin. However, since migrants have been found to be lying about their age. This should have been verified before accepting the countries of origin are counted as valid. 

Also what about those kids taken to the UK on the premise that  2/3rds of the unaccompanied minors screened were found to be lying about their age. The UK Telegraph exposed this as a lie on October 18th! So Why do the CNN personnel not report on this? Claiming to be a minor and not being one should merit an immediate deportation. Simply because it places other minors at risk. So were the people left in Calais actually teens or were they adults? 

Then the one true uniting factor for the vast majority of the migrants is simply missing. Not one major media news source says what it is. Why is that? Are they forbidden from using the terms “Muslim” or “Islamic” as an accurate descriptive word? In Europ  e they use the word “Asian” whenever they mean Muslim in the news media. 

Historically, in areas taken over by Islamic governments, those who refused to convert and were allowed to live were called Dhimmis had to pay a tax, the jizya, and they were forbidden from using Arabic. Are the major media news outlets now Dhimmis? You be the judge! 

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  1. Hillary is slated to increase the level of Muslim refugees by over 500%, despite recent attacks. We see what's happening in Sweden, too. Here is a further look at the possible effect of Hillary's plan:

  2. I have spent more than 30 years as a missionary in Muslim dominated countries and what I see in Europe now is only an extension of their global plan of Muslim domination.
    The governments of European countries were sucked into a carefully planned scheme to mass migrate Muslims into Europe, in such a way so that it is extremely difficult to determine the accuracy of their documents. Once in these countries they are now flexing their collective Muslim muscle from within and with people in high places within the UN from international points of interest as well.
    It is interesting that no Muslim country offered to take any of these refugees. Why is that? Is it for fear of terrorism in their own countries? NO! It is part of their overall domination plans.
    It is said that if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.
    In the 1400's Turkey and the Ottoman empire raced across nations in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
    We did not learn from this event, so were will suffer from its repeat offensive again.

  3. Immigration is the fight of the future that could have been completely avoided had Europe and the West in general not been infiltrated by Marxist's in every educational and political governmental institution. To the Marxist, Christianity has stood in its way of the utopian dream which is a society that is genderless, raceless, religionless, and classless. The best way to get rid of Christianity once and for all is to bring in millions of immigrants that are not Christian. In the name of tolerance we have to change our civilization and make it less Christian so that they can be fully integrated.

    At the same time Islam is very unique like Christianity in that it is a requirement of believers to spread the religion to all the peoples of the world. Unlike Christianity however, which teaches that we should spread the good news with the Love of Christ, Islam teaches that the religion should be spread by invitation first and if rejected by Jihad or holy war; by the sword.

    Islam since its inception has been at war with the Christian Civilization. It is literally absurd that as a civilization we have forgotten how close all our ancestors came to being invaded by the Muslim hordes and converted themselves to Islam like many other places in which the Christian civilization reined and reins no longer, such as the entire Middle East. Next time you are in Istanbul remember that only 400 something years ago it was known as Constantinople and was the Vatican of the East, and it was the last standing city of the Roman Empire. When you visit Turkey as I have you realize this European Nation is what all of Europe will look like in years to come. Except it won't be as tolerate as even modern day Turkey is, for Modern Day Mostafa Kamel's Turkey is a product of Western ideological thought and political philosophy. When Islam rules, all these "man made styles of government" will be no more, and we will be ruled over the way ISIS ruled over Aleppo, or the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Understanding the Islamic concept of Hijara is key to understanding the long term strategy of Islam towards world global domination.