Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What can Anonymous do in the War on Terrorism?

Peoples Pundit Daily:

Anonymous, a name used by a group of hackers originating in France which is now a multinational conglomeration of hack-tivists, declared war on the Islamic State yesterday.

Students of pop culture and computer geeks are asking questions on what can hackers do against the Islamic State? What should hackers be working on to make the Islamic State feel the wrath of a group of hackers?

However, Anonymous needs a basic history lesson before they begin. Anonymous had declared war on Al Qaeda and ISIS. Al Qaeda Iraq (AQI) became the Islamic State of Syria and al-Sham (ISIS). ISIS became the Islamic State. Your declared enemy has not changed. Only the name has changed.

Anonymous has stated they are going to hunt down members of the Islamic State. This sadly is a misplaced effort.  Why? Because those who live in the Islamic State have less access to the Internet and generally use weapons rather than communications. National security professionals today debate the  effectiveness of whack-a-mole. Whack-a-mole means the identifying and forceful closing of accounts identified as being owned by terrorists.  IF this is truly what Anonymous wants to do, their actions may seem vast for little returns.

Anonymous would be better off concentrating their efforts on revealing those currently amongst us who believe and practice the same things that are taught in the Islamic State. Identifying these persons however could produce a lasting effect that would create a safer France, a safer Europe and, a safer America.

For this reason I am providing the following suggestions for Anonymous to be taken seriously as a threat to the Islamic State.

1)      Read Stephen Coughlin’s book, Catastrophic Failure. Learn why intelligence gathering today is messed up! This will enable you to be more successful in your efforts.

2)      Expose the Muslim Brotherhood and its members. The Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella group under which almost all Islamic terrorists have been or still are members. This action will stop the enablers.

3)      Publicize the Islamic doctrine of al Hijrah: the secret doctrine of migration before jihad.

4)      Expose the enabling politicians who provide platforms for the successful infiltration of future terrorists.

5)      Publish the names of any and all entities currently purchasing oil and other goods from the Islamic State.

These five items are not being addressed by any major media outlets today to say nothing of the intelligence communities around the world. If hack-tivists can get these things accomplished, more power to them.

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