Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Speaker Ryan forgets he is the Man: Makes noise instead of action

When Speaker Ryan said he was for a “pause” in the Refugee Resettlement Program, he was taking a stand of NO ACTION! Speaker Ryan has the resources and ability to call for a vote to impose a moratorium (temporary prohibition) on any and all work by the Refugee Resettlement program administered by Asst. Secretary of State Ann Richards until a full evaluation of its current success and failures including the reasoning behind bringing persons here who have not been properly vetted creating a hole in national security enabling Americans to be attacked by terrorists on American soil.

Speaker Ryan was supposed to replace the “namby-pamby” nature of Boehner. But Ryan’s words without a stand are nothing more than a pretense of nothingness and a representation of a do nothing Speaker when his party in his power. Ryan could take the bull by the horns and take action. Instead he seems content to do nothing but sound off.

Will Ryan dare to stand tall and take action for all of America’s safety by calling for such a moratorium?  Will he dare to stand tall and be a man of action? Time will likely pass and the media will not ask these important questions because they would cause people to awaken to threats to their personal safety being brought to America! Those who would deny this need only look at Europe where 21% of the Muslims migrating to Europe have been determined to be connected to terrorism.

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