Friday, December 29, 2017

Hassan Al-Banna's 50-Point Manifesto

The following video is Module 4 in a series of classes on the History of the Muslim Brotherhood, which I am creating and will be making available on The course will be marketed across the world to colleges and universities with National Security, Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis and more as majors for their students. The deficiencies abundant in the FBI and CIA after their training materials were purged will allow any law enforcement officer to take the class at half-price.

As of this publication I have four modules completed out of 10. When the series is completed I will send out notices letting you know how to take the class.

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  1. Awesome...Love How You Break It Down and Teach Us...About How They Think and How They Use This. Always Having A LONG Term Plan! How they Can and DO Manipulate...Youth, Business, Schedules, Politics, and Knowledge To further THEIR Goal. So They Are Able To Gain Mainstream Respect! The way they can skirt...the issues that are a part of Normal Western Values! Thank You for Opening Our Eyes To What Is Being Done and How We Are Being Deceived By The So Called religion Of Peace.