Monday, April 4, 2016

Maryland Mosque Financed and Dedicated by Turkey's Erdogan

When the US media is scooped by the Russia Today on events happening in the United States, you know we have a problem with getting important information to the common man today. This speaks to the truth in not trusting the major media outlets. What did they miss?

This past week Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan spoke at the Diyanet Muslim Center in Maryland, a mosque funded by the government of Turkey. Russia Today covered the physical removal of reporters. Some were physically abused by Turkey’s presidential security team.

Violence and chaos reigned outside the event, with one journalist physically removed from the venue by Turkish security personnel, another kicked by a guard, and a third, a woman, thrown to the sidewalk in front of a Washington think tank. Erdogan’s bodyguards also insulted, threatened and pushed the journalists.

The violent nature of President Erdogan’s men was not missed by Russia Today as they were the media that reported:

The unruly behavior of Erdogan’s guards comes just a day after they tried to drown out the voices of protesters by howling at them loudly. The strange offensive drew mocking reactions online and within Turkey, where the screaming guards got their very own hashtag: #ÖÖÖEEEEEEEAAAAAAĞĞĞĞĞĞHHHHH.

Yet what has truly been missed by the media is that this mosque will be another stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Erdogan is without question a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.[1] It is then without question that any mosque would be influenced heavily by the terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

This speaks to an additional problem. Mosques are not religious centers alone. They are political centers. Every person being introduced to Islam is told “Islam is not a religion it is a complete way of life.”[2] This means that Islamic Centers /Mosques are also political centers.[3] As such this mosque should have to register as a foreign lobbying group as its financing comes primarily from Turkey. The placement of this mosque /political entity enables it to influence federal employees in Washington DC and the local Islamic community.

Not considering this as a possible intention of Erdogan’s funding of the mosque is an Intelligence failure of the United States!

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  1. This is appalling that we are slowly and quietly being invaded and it is a completely silent event! When our country has no coverage of this and there was violence and chaos and nothing in the American media. If it had been a Trump Rally we would be hearing about it and seeing it all over the media and the internet for days. So it could have been spun to try to influence people. We are living in scary times. The people being kept in the dark are no longer the Russian people...NOW It Is US..The American People. This Proves How Far The Deception Goes!!!! We Have to become An Awakened America Now!!!

  2. Excellent article! Given that mosques function as more than religious centers opens up the possibility of registering voters and possibly even casting votes there, which plays right along with the desires of USCMO's desire to register at least an additional Muslim voters this year. Meanwhile, churches and synagogues fear losing their tax-exempt status if they say anything political!

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