Wednesday, July 1, 2015

US State Department endorses Civilization Jihad in the UK!

Secretary of State, John Kerry sent his “Special Representative to Muslim Communities,” Shaarik Zafar to the “poster child school” for the attempted Islamic take over of public education in the United Kingdom. This scandal was publicized as the Trojan Horse schools.
The school that warranted much of the investigation was Park View in Birmingham. The accusations of preferential treatment of male students, pushing sharia and, and dismissing non-Muslim administrators, teachers and staff. 

The investigation revealed in 2014, that the Birmingham's schools had:

  • An organized campaign to alter "character and ethos" of school. The breakdown of trust between governors and staff, with teachers "bullied" and "intimidated" and fearing loss of their jobs
  • Female staff complaining of unfair treatment
  • Family members being appointed to unadvertised senior leadership posts
  • The phrase "white prostitute" being used in class assemblies
  • Private investigators being hired to check staff email
  • A teacher who was so afraid that a meeting had to be arranged in supermarket car park[i]

The campaign to alter the schools was a purposeful attempt to make public education become Sharia compliant and solely taught by Muslims. This attempt to make public education Islamic was stopped after several cries for an investigation were ignored. Statements reveal that the calls for help came as early as 2010.[ii]

The United Kingdom’s Educational Funding Agency completed a review of Park View, which it published on June 9, 2014. The review specifically noted the following at Park View School:

1.    “It is not faith designated, but has an apparent Islamic focus and collective acts of worship are delivered at Park View School…”

2.    “Some elements of the curriculum, including the social, moral, spiritual and cultural provision at Park View School … are restricted to a conservative Islamic perspective.”

3.    “An inappropriate external speaker has been allowed to address students at the school. Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman has spoken at the school (on 28 November 2013) and he is known to have previously extolled extremist views. Staff advised us in interview that external speakers are regularly invited into Park View School and this is aimed at developing pupils as individuals rather than promoting any particular view. Staff also said that external visitors are invited based on the needs of the students and gave the police as an example of this.” [iii]

So John Kerry, a representative of the United States government sent an Islamic emissary to a school that was illegally “forcing” Islam on all of its students!  This school remains under high scrutiny.
Is John Kerry unaware that this looks like the US is rewarding Islamic take overs of the public education system in the UK? Or, is that the intended purpose?

The unasked question is why does the State Department have a Special Representative to Muslim Communities? If Islam is a religion is this a statement that they cannot be reasoned with by ordinary state department officials? Is it a statement that Islamic countries do not communicate well with non-Muslims?

Reading Shaarik Zafar’s background is an enlightening opportunity to show how Muslims are controlling the language in conversations about terrorism. Mr. Zafar has been a key official of the Obama administrations Countering Violent Extremism – which as can be seen in recent history has been entirely ineffective! Mr. Zafar has relationships with CAIR officials who the FBI acknowledge as Hamas in the United States. This would seem to negate his work in countering extremism.

This is the type of man the State Department sends to a school corrupted by “extremist Islamists?”

[i] Coughlan, S. (2014, June 9). Trojan Horse: Ofsted says schools were targeted. Retrieved July 1, 2015, from BBC:
[ii] ibid

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  1. Paul, we have, as you well know, several "Trojan Horses" in our own government that we need to be very concerned about ! At least this guy is across the pond. But nevertheless, I recognize the problem.

  2. Dear Paul, 'Muslim Mafia' is an outstanding book on the undercover investigation of Hamas Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR by U.S Air Force Office Of Special Investigations [OSI] Agent P.David Gaubatz. Semper Fi, patriot.

    1. I read Muslim Mafia when doing research for my first book. David Gaubatz and I came to the same conclusions about Jamal Barzinji being the Masul using different resources. We had a chance to talk last year.